What is MobileLiveStreams?
MobileLiveStreams is the must-have mobile phone app for streaming + sharing images and videos from your mobile phone. Stream live video from your mobile phone with just one click of a button. Send Images and 10 second video clips in real time from your Android or Apple mobile phone or tablet and view all sent images, videos or live streams at any time form any location with our remote MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform.
How it works? Thanks to the very latest technology in mobile phone streaming, MobileLiveStreams can now send live streaming video, 10 second video clips and images in real time from your mobile phone from anywhere with a 3G/4G or GPRS connection.

All images and video clips that are taken from a MobileLiveStreams device are sent instantly in real time to the MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform which can be viewed by anyone from any location with a username and password.

When a MobileLiveStream Live Streaming Video is being filmed, users can view this live video as it happens on the MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform. All Live Video Streams are recorded and the archived video is available as soon as the stream is finished.

All images, 10 second video clips and live video streams are saved to the online viewing platform with GPRS location coordinates and are saved online for up to 30 days. Users can decide to download, save or delete any files at any time. All video clips and images can be sent to anyone via email if the user wishes to share them with anyone. Users can also add titles to images before they are sent and add notes to the images once they are received in the online viewing platform.

Who can use MobileLiveStreams? The MobileLiveStreams software has been developed so that it can be used in many different areas and industries. Construction, security, personal security, project management, insurance, media and leisure are just some of the areas we have designed MobileLiveStreams to work in. Whether you want to share images with friends and family or you want a way to monitor projects from remote locations then MobileLiveStreams is the perfect app to use. Send images, video clips and live streaming video instantly from anywhere with your mobile phone thanks to MobileLiveStreams.

The MobileLiveStreams software can be licensed to allow companies and organisations to host the MobileLiveStreams mobile phone app and online platform on their own servers.
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