Turn your mobile phone into a live streaming real time webcam with the MobileLiveStreams video streaming app. Thanks to the very latest technology in video streaming you can now broadcast live video footage over 3G/4G and standard GPRS mobile phone networks straight from your Android or Apple device.

Streaming live video from your mobile phone has never been easier thanks to MobileLiveStreams. Capture moments and share them, as they happen live from your mobile phone, on the private MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform or share your streams to the world on your own website(s).

Stream live video on demand from anywhere at any time on your mobile phone thanks to the MobileLiveStreams live video streaming app. The MobileLiveStreams live video streaming technology has been designed to work within any industry and in some of the lowest signal areas in the world. Broadcast live video from your mobile phone to a personal, white labelled online viewing platform with a secure username and password, share your mobile video stream on a website or social media platform or send your live stream directly to a monitoring station for security purposes.

All live video streams from MobileLiveStreams are sent directly to the MobileLiveStreams servers which direct the stream to be viewed on the MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform. Users can view the stream or select to share the stream to public viewing. All streams are recorded and archived on the MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform and will be available for up to 30 days unless they are saved or deleted. With the MobileLiveStreams GPS Locations Services, users can view the exact coordinates and location of where each stream is coming from.

MobileLiveStreams are using the very latest video streaming technology to allow users to transmit live video from a mobile phone over 3G/4G or normal GPRS signal. Our app has been designed to send live video in extremely low signal areas as well as locations with extremely strong signal strength.

As soon as the user has logged into the MobileLiveStreams app they can stream directly to the MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform within seconds. Select image size, image quality and audio quality, this helps bring the best quality of video as well as data usage. The GPS location service allows users monitor the location of every stream. All streaming footage is sent directly to the MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform where users can login remotely and watch. Users can use embedded code to share the live streams on a website or on Social Media sites.

The MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform allows users to watch all live video streams and any video stream archives on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. All users will have their very own unique and secure username and password to gain access to their account. Video streams are recorded and available as archives immediately after the stream has ended. Archived video clips are available for 30 days and can be saved, deleted, emailed and downloaded. All archived videos are time stamped and dated for future reference. Notes can also be added to each stream for future reference and all GPS Location coordinates can be viewed on a map so users can see where streams are being filmed. Users can also choose if they would like their MobileLiveStreams live video to be viewed on their own website(s) as well as on the MobileLiveStreams online viewing platform thanks to embedded code which can also be used on Social Media sites.