The MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Platform allows users to login remotely from any location to view sent images and video clips or watch live mobile video streams sent from a MobileLiveStreams device. All images, video clips and live mobile video streams are sent directly form the MobileLiveStreams app to the MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Platform where they can then be viewed, shared, downloaded or deleted by the user.

The MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Platform is the perfect way to access all data sent form a MobileLiveStreams device in real time as they are being sent. As well as viewing in real time, all images, videos and video streams are archived and available to be viewed for up to 30 days. Users can decide to save, download or delete all files as well as add notes, view GPS Location for every file and switch between multiple accounts. All images, video clips and saved streams are time stamped and dated.

As well as viewing MobileLiveStreams live streaming video on a private online viewing platform, users can also stream live onto their own website(s) and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Thanks to the MobileLiveStreams sharing options, users can take embedded code and promote their mobile video stream to the world.

All MobileLiveStreams accounts can be white labelled and personalized with the logo and website/company colours of the users choice. The MobileLiveStreams development team can also implement access to the MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Platform through a selected website as well as through

MobileLiveStreams offers the options for more than 1 viewing platform for users to send images, video clips or live streams to. A MobileLiveStreams Master Account can have up to 10 different Mobile Accounts to view data on. Users can select which Mobile Account to send images, video clips or live streaming video to. Mobile Accounts can be added or removed at any time from the Master Account and only selected users can view data that has been sent to specific accounts.

All streaming video, images and video clips are archived and available to be viewed at any time for up to 30 days on the MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Platform.Users can select to download individual archives or all archives, delete archives, save archives or email archives. The MobileLiveStreams images, video clips and video streams are all time stamped and dated for references as well as having options to label them or add notes to individual files. Users can search the archives for specific files by using date and time or key words.

As well as being able to view all live video streams, archived images and videos, the user can also view the location of where every image, video clip or live stream was sent from. Thanks to the MobileLiveStreams GPS Location service all files sent from a MobileLiveStreams account can be location monitored. This is perfect for security, lone worker safety and future references when archived.

View webcam on smart phones and tablets

Full picture and video archiving for up to 30 days

Promote your mobile stream to millions

Personalized custom layouts

Works using only a GPRS signal

Uses full GPS location services

Affordable and easy to use

All images and videos are time stamped and dated

Reduce travel between project sites

Share project status instantly

Works with Android and IOS devices

Send images, video files and live footage to several online platforms at once

View the online platform on computer or tablet devices

Social media integration