MobileLiveStreams can now offer the very latest visual project management and collaboration tool that can turn any Apple or Android device into a real time webcam. Send and share 10 second video clips and images instantly from your mobile phone or tablet using 3G/4G or basic GPRS data.

All images and video clips sent from a MobileLiveStreams device are sent instantly in real time to a personalised password protected online viewing platform which can be accessed remotely on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone from any location.

MobileLiveStreams image and video sharing app allows anyone with an Android or Apple phone or tablet to send images and video clips in real time from anywhere in the world with a standard mobile signal. Our image and video sharing app can be used in many different industries; security, construction, media and insurance are just a few examples of where our image and sharing apps have been used.

All video clips and images that are sent from the MobileLiveStreams image and video clip sharing app are sent directly to an online viewing platform. Images and video clips are sent over 3G/4G and standard GPRS cellular data. As soon as an image or video clip has been taken, it is sent instantly and will be available to be viewed on the MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Platform.

All images and video clips that are taken are time stamped and dated for future references. The MobileLiveStreams GPS Location Service allows users to view exactly where every image or video was taken. Users can view full image location coordinates on the MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Platform, all images are time stamped and dated.

As soon as the MobileLiveStreams App is opened, the user can select a number of settings from the menu; Send image or video, video and image quality, manual image or images to be taken every second, 5 seconds, 30 seconds or every minute and which online account the images or video clips are to be sent to. Text can also be added to every image or video clips before they have been taken. This can provide useful titles or descriptions when the images/video clips are being viewed.

As soon as an image has been taken from a MobileLiveStreams device, it is sent directly to the selected online viewing platform.All MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Platform accounts are password protected and only users with a secure username and password can access their accounts from any location and on any device.

View all sent images and video clips, email, save or delete images and video clips, view GPS coordinates, download images and video clips and add notes to all images and video clips for future reference with the MobileLiveStreams Online Viewing Application.